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Things Were Different Then

Start of with a daring black cocktail dress, a pair of heals, diamonds, and the elegant flow of a society orchestra, the song Things Were Different Then will quickly take you to a place in time when good manners were the norm, and young women who did not give in were never stripped of their esteem.
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There's A Fella Comin' Round

Whenever a man find himself smitten, the natural anthropology of how he will make his feelings know comes to life. There’s A Fella Comin’ Round tells what he is in for. Making his plea on a porch swing or a parlor sofa, the power of woman’s pride is never to be underestimated.
A great love song for all time.
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Long before the entire coastline of the United States was dotted with ocean front housing and condos, there was a lot of making out on the beach at night. The swing song Moonburn not only captures the heat of those moments, but also has a melody that once in your head will start playing itself whenever it wants. It’s a very pleasant kind of madness that will have you singing in your car or wanting to dance all night.


Oh, just try making love on the beach these days and you will most likely get arrested.
That is, unless you own the beach.
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Conch Chowder Man

The Conch Chowder Man is the local island hero who rolls his cart through the streets of a port town, selling pints of his soup creation, as a dozen singing children tag along.


Warning! Repeated playing of this song will cause major episodes of
escapism and vacation planning.
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Get Off That Phone

When that great technological achievement called the telephone booth was made available to the general public, it instantly created the new problem of finding a phone that was not being used. Get Off That Phone is a slick jazzy tune that tells the story of the frustrations of young man trying to get in touch with his girlfriend, that will have you singing along in no time.
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I've Got Money

Is there such a thing as having too much money? Does the quest to amass huge personal fortunes corrupt one’s sense of duty and responsibility to his fellow citizen. Not according to the point of view in I’ve Got Money. Truth is told, the more you get, the more you want, and you don’t have to be concerned about anyone but yourself. A psychotic naughty boy
with a very bad attitude. Indeed!
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The Champion

Money or no money, when it’s time to die, we all have to do our very best to sit up straight. The perfect metaphor for anyone’s life, The Champion tells about final hour dignity.
This is an emotionally cleansing song.
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A Child's Reflections on Kanute

The late 10th Century English monarch King Kanute (Cnut) is best know for the British folk tale of his reign. To demonstrate that the king has no divine power, King Kanute takes his court to the sea shore. At low tide he stands were the sea has withdrawn to, and then commands the tide not to come in. When the tide came in anyway, he succeeded in showing that the king is just an administrator. In the style of a European waltz, A Child’s Reflections on Kanute, is the fantasy of a child that insists that his sand castle will not be overtaken by the oncoming tide.
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